Founder of Arkar production , Ar Kar is welll-known as a talented innovative director and producer. He was born in Yangon and has live in Yangon and Singapore . He also visited and worked in over 20 countries. Ar Kar’s passion is media and quality video production. Firstly he went on to become a freelance photographer and a music video producer , then he started to develop an editing and recording studio. After gaining popularity on social network , media and advertising industry , he decided to leave his second home , Singapore and he re-restablished himself to direct and produce TV commerical , music video , documentary film , corporate profile and government projects. This new career path took him to settle down in his native land , Myanmar where he would like to share his skills to international development companies and government ministries. Given the rich of experience he has gained during the past years , having dealt with many challenges , he finally decided to live , work and contribute his skills to the country he loves most. As a producer , director and communication expert , he’s a key player of Arkar production . He’s respnsible for overseeing the leadership, insight development , leading his new generation and strategic planning for the production. He brings his innovation , international marketing experience , management skills and networking to Arkar production . He works with key clients on helping them to achieve the results they want from video marketing.


Who we are?

Arkar Production is a video production company providing company providing high-end production services in Myanmar & Singapore . We are a leader in creative marketing , video production , post-production and advertising services . Our team is comprised of directors , writers , storyboard artists , production manager , cinematographers , editors , colorists , sound engineers and producers who work with you to produce your creative marketing investment . Our group has experienced an amazing level of growth and success in our five year history , going from a small production house in 2009 , into a leading company with a strong team work . Since we’ve employed the very best talent and creativity to make sure our client’s needs and visions are fulfilled , our growth has particularly escalated in recent years. We are passionate about visual media and believe it is one of the best ways to reach out and influence the majority of people . We are responsible for every business who has relied on us to help bringing their success to the next higher level . As a Singapore and Myanmar based video production , we have a wealth of local and international logistic experience in the production arena. To create the most visually interesting video not only we have the most talented artists and solid experience in our field but also we have the latest equipments and technical capabilities for high quality dynmaic motion pictures.

What we do?

Arkar Production creates dynamic motion pictures for corporate , commercial and entertainment endevour around the world . We povide development , story boards , casting , locations , camera , lighting crews, equipment and comprehensive production management . We believe and understand that your corportate profile , documentary and TV commerical are a huge success of your business which generate a great deal of positive publicity and awareness of your company and represent a significant portion of your marketing investment . We are a team of video , online marketing and business experts who focus on ensuring each video delivers the returns on investment that our clients needs by using of our creativity , lights and lenses . We always look for bold and ambitious idea to engage with our client’s needs and we pride ourselves in understanding and exceeding our client’s expectations . We also welcome your idea to create and accomplish your dreams that connects with your intended audiences effectively and intellectually.



What we did?

Arkar Production have produced projects for TVC , corporate profile , documentary film , music video , promo videos , pre-wedding videos , independent films , non-profits videos , government projects and worked with clients in technology , fiance , fashion , transportation , health care , consumer services , real estate and more. We’ve created videos for a wide range of industries and we have been working with some of the Myanmar’s and international’s most well-known brands and organizations.This means whatever type pf video you want to create , we already have experience with something very similar.

Full List of My Services

  • Documentary Films
  • TV Commercial
  • Corportate Profiles
  • Music Videos
  • Industrial Videos
  • Broadcast Promo
  • Educational Videos
  • Pre-Wedding Videos